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1960 - 2020


Username and Password access to the Members Section of www.budokanworld.com. to browse the entire content being taught covering each of the current disciplines on display, Karatedo, Aikido and Iaido, including the Practice of Zen or Meditation.

Additional disciplines such as Ju Jitsu, Kendo, Kodokan Judo and Kobudo will be added.


Listing on the Black Belt Register


Dan Grade and Title Accreditation and Certification  


If you run a Dojo you are entitled to inclusion in the Dojo pages section on the Budokan website, with information, events, gradings and news content provided by you about your Dojo and your students.  


The use of the Budokan Mon - (optional)


If you don't run a Dojo you are entitled for inclusion in the Associates pages section.


Attendance at Traditional Japanese Budo National and International Events, Seminars and Workshops hosted by Budokan that will include Karatedo, Aikido, Iaido, Zen (Meditation), Kendo, Jiu Jutsu and Kodokan Judo and Kobudo hosted by Budokan.


Virtual meetings of Associates and Dojo Leaders to improve dialogue within Japanese Budo for the benefit of all hosted by Budokan.


Payments on your content loaded up to the teaching and payment platform that is streamed or downloaded.


Our Teaching Methods and our Philosophy.


How you can introduce Meditation as a lifestyle skill to your students no matter which discipline(s) you follow or train in using our Podcast.


Or listen to the How to do Conscious Breathing podcast and use it to teach breathing form the Hara, an evevryday requirement for all good Budoka.


Registration and recognition of Dan Grades and Titles by Dai Nippon Butokukai in Kyoto, Japan upon recommendation by Budokan.  

(There is a separate charge for this from DNBK)


We have had menay requests from ordinary people passionate about Traditional Japanese Budo, ex-Practitioners, retired Practitioners,  Associates and Dojo Leaders to make small monthly payments or to make Donations to Budokan, in order to help us in our work to establish and maintain a vibrant Budo Community online - THANK YOU!



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