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Founded  in 1970

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Strong in hand, kind in heart

Welcome to Budokan


We have been established for 45 years in the UK and we cater for all adults of all ages and shapes and sizes.


Budokan teaches four martial arts and disciplines. Karatedo – Aikido – Iaido and Zazen - or seated meditation.


Our members enjoy a progressive syllabus of traditional Japanese martial arts, taught to them by some of the best instruction available in the UK today.  Gradings are by  invitation only for all students, from teachers and instructors in the various clubs where they attend their regular classes and events.


We hope you enjoy visiting our site and do come again.

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He is known as “Sensei” to all students of Budokan.

In 1970 he founded Budokan UK in London and he is looking forward to celebrating 50 years of Budokan in 2020 - that would be a significant milestone.


And just over a month ago, he celebrated his 70th birthday and 55 years learning, practising and teaching the traditional Japanese Martial Arts, by holding a Workshop at the Lymington Leisure Centre and followed that with a well attended social event at The Monkey House in Lymington - which was brilliant.


Thanks to all those who made this memorable event happen.


A number of highlights worth mentioning - at the workshop Sensei was recommended for the title of Hanshi (Master) and the grade of 8 Dan.

He was awarded the gift of a new Hakama - handmade by Iwata in Japan and in the evening he was gifted a brilliant portrait painted in oil by Alistair Carr of Lymington.

Another Great Budokan Gathering - this time in Lymington

will take place in September.



Watch this space for the date and location.



Individually hand-made and polished to a professional finish, visually attractive and the practical answer to comfortable meditation or a simple seating solution for improved posture.

Go here for a list of all of our highly skilled Dan grades, who make up the teaching and instructor base for Budokan.


Come in an meet some of the people past and present in Budokan.

The range of books available on the Japanese martial arts and philosophy is considerable.

This list is based on many years of reading the relevant material that has stood the test of time.



Steve Hill has compiiled an impressive number of images on the subject of Japanese Budo, which may be of interest..

If you have some you can add, kindly let him know at

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At the start of the workshop

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....and the practise of Tensho kata

Trevor Hughes of Sussex

The traditional "Thumbs-Up" group shot at the end

Toby Mellows of Lymington

Allan Pert from London



Keith Wright from Sussex

The merry band from Sussex - left to right  - Keith and Lizzie Wright -  Paul Smith - Sensei - Robbie Rowe  - Vicki and Trevor Hughes.

Keith Molyneux and Peter Benson from Lymington

Sensei by Painted by Alistair Carr of Lymington